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Welcome to the Ferret Inn

The Ferret Inn is located in Columbia, MD in a residential home providing 24 hour care to rescued ferrets. Our houseguests are housed in large cages and are allowed a minimum of two hours of free play daily. We realize the importance of and provide for the assessing, nurturing, and socializing of each ferret. We also provide education and counseling for the life of the ferret. This allows us to be confident with each adoption, knowing that the new families are capable of providing a loving, permanent home.

A 501(c)(3)non-profit organization, The Inn has been providing shelter for ferrets since 1999. We have placed over 1000 ferrets in the past fourteen years. The Ferret Inn prides itself on the level of medical care, nurturing, enrichment, and the ability to place the right ferret with the right owner.

Our Mission

The Ferret Inn is glad to open its doors to your individual ferret needs. Our goal is to provide homeless ferrets with a temporary loving environment while they await adoption. While with us, the ferrets not only receive medical care but they also experience a positive nurturing environment.

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